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Sunday, December 23, 2012

We got home last night around 8:00pm and have been resting at home since then.  When we left the hospital Sanai's fever had just gone down and luckily it hasn't shown back up.  The doctors said her fever was caused by some sort of virus because all her labs came back clean.  She also had an EEG which analyzed her brain waves and everything came back normal.  We are VERY overly sensitive to her fever and are checking her constantly.  But besides being a bit fussy this morning when she woke up, which isn't like her at all, she has been in good spirits. 

She's not eating as much as she usually does but we have been trying to push fluids so she doesn't get dehydrated.  She seems to be back on her normal nap schedule also.  She slept a lot while we were in the hospital because we were told seizures tend to wear them out completely.  She was such a trooper, she was poked and proded so many times.

The Neurologist told us to probably expect more seizures but that we hope she will grown out of it.  She is at a slight risk for epilepsy when she gets older but we can't worry about that right now.  When/If she has another seizure we need to time it and if it lasts longer than 5 minutes we need to call 911 and if she doesn't wake up after 30  minutes we need to call 911.

It felt really good when the pediatric specialist who came and hour and a half to pick us up told my husband that I was a really good mama and that I stayed calm and was there for Sanai when she was going through her seizure.  That really wasn't the case with the first two seizures at all!  It felt good to hear a total stranger say something like that!  Needless to say, we hope she is on the mend.  And I want to thank everyone for their prayers.

At our local hospital, she was resting before the Vanderbilt team arrived to transport us

Leaving our local hospital, after her second seizure.  She was still not awake but stabilized.


Her little feet...we were waiting to be moved from the ER to a regular room

Sleeping after a morning bottle


We both squeezed on this tiny pull out bed!

Looking rough on this fine morning! LOL

Only my child would be this cute as a spaghetti head.  The tech asked me to send her this picture because she looked so cute!

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  1. Oh my goodness. So glad that beautiful Sanai is back home with the family. She does look adorable with her little spaghetti head. :-)
    Did any of the medical personnel suggest that you videotape/record Sanai the next time she has a seizure? Sometimes if they can see what she's going through or how she's seizing, that can help.
    Many prayers for the Johnson family. I hope Sanai is able to feel a little bit better so that she can enjoy opening up a few presents on Christmas.
    Thanks for the update! :-)