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Saturday, December 22, 2012


I received a call yesterday I had been dreading.  Sanai has been acting very normal the past week.  Let me back up and say that on December 5th while in Georgia for my father in laws funeral, Sanai had her second seizure.  She also was diagnosed with RSV which is what caused the spike in her temp resulting in her seizure. RSV turned into a touch of pneumonia so our dr put her on some antibiotics as a Pre caution.

I got a call around 11am yesterday that she had had another seizure at daycare and that they had called 911.  I rushed over there and found her still coming out of it.  I took her to our regular dr and they ran several tests trying to find out what was causing the fever but couldn't find anything so he sent us on to River Park hospital where a pediatric specialist was going to come via ambulance to transport us to Vanderbilt Children's hospital in Nashville.

They arrived around 3:30 and Sanai was doing well.  She was up and babbling so they went ahead and hooked up her ECG stickers to her chest and did the IV. Not long after they were there she looked at me, cried out in pain and her eyes rolled back in her head and starting having another seizure! They quickly gave her some medicine to calm her brain and loaded her into their ambulance.

We arrived at Vanderbilt around 6pm and was visited by the doctor and a neurologist. We were told they would keep her over night for observation and do an EEG in the morning to look for abnormalities.  They are working on getting the EEG machine up and running as I type and are hoping for a consult from the neuro doc around noon depending on his schedule.

Hopefully the pediatric doctor can also figure out why she's had a temp for so long with no obvious sign of infection.  We are hoping to go home today but Ill try to keep my blog updated when I know things. In the mean time, please say prayers for my sweet baby girl,

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  1. Oh my word!! Prayers for the WHOLE family through this difficult time. Please know that the Lord is there with little Sanai and is aware of everything and will be the perfect healer for whatever is keeping her sick. Hugs to you :-)