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Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm pretty excited about this new adventure for our family. The kids are beyond excited about living near the beach.
Let me back up, Tommy and I made a trip to Ft Walton about a month ago where he officially interviewed and accepted a job as an offensive coordinator for the Ft Walton Beach Vikings.  The head coach was his old positions coach when he played at the near by school, Niceville.  They put us up in a really nice Villa right on the beach on Okaloosa Island.  We also enjoyed a few nights of awesome sea food and falling asleep to the sound of the ocean!

This past weekend we decided to head down for a inner squad scrimmage and to take the kids with us. I knew they would love playing in the sand. The weather was so nice, it was sunny and 80 degrees the whole time we were there.  Friday morning we got up and the kids were begging to go down to the water. Who forgets swimsuits when you go to the beach...this MOM! UGH. We made due.

She wasn't too sure about the sand on her feet!
After a day in the sun, we headed to the high school.  There was an inner squad scrimmage scheduled that evening and there was a ton of people there.  We were announced at half time and Tommy was able to get a glimpse of the team and the players that he'll be coaching.

The next day we hit up the beach again and also visited the mall while Tommy had a meeting.  The kids had fun playing and shared a smoothie to top the day off. 

So here it is...our new home! I can't wait to be living here, enjoying the weather and meeting new people. 

We headed home on Sunday and about half way through the trip we got pretty restless.  The kids offered to drive...perhaps not the best idea!  We made it home safe (with Tommy driving).