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Money Earned

Money can be such a taboo subject and I totally understand that but the main reason most people don't adopt is because they think they can't afford it and to be completely honest that is the only reason why it took us a few months to really decide we wanted to do this.  $30,000 is a LOT of money and we didn't have that kind of money sitting around, as most people don't.  So how are people able to afford adoption??

As I've said before, I'm a specifics kind of girl and it was hard for me to envision how to raise that much money.  I talked to a lot of families about how they raised their money but never got anything really specific.  So if there's one thing I can communicate I want it to be how we reached our goal.  So below is a running list of how we are getting there.

(some of these figures are approximate, but you get the idea)

Selling Candy in Tommy's classroom to the kids: $8200 approx.
T-shirt sales: $2000
Support Adoption bracelets: $500
Jewelry Party in TN: $100
Jewelry Party in IA: $175
Coffee sales: $175 (visit!!)
Card, Crafts and Jewelry sales: $500 (homemade cards and earrings, wreaths, lion pillows, etc.)
Donations: $4525
Commissions earned from work: $650
1st yard sale: $1400
2nd yard sale : $1155
Mr. Football Womanless Beauty Pageant $4300

Total thus far $23,725