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Money Spent

Another common question I get all the time is "why is it so expensive to adopt". So although it's probably  not politically correct, I'm going to post where the money is spent.

Home study application fee: $50
Home Study fee: $1500 (we used Adoption Assistance Inc. outside Nashville)
Order Micah's birth certificate: $18
TN Bureau of Investigation background check $29 each for Tommy and Me: $58
3 Fire Extinguishers at $17 each: $51
Background and Criminal check from Kentucky for Tommy and Me: $57.90

Adoption Agency application fee: $250
Adoption Agency fee: $5200.00
Home Study review fee: $100
Humanitarian Aid Donation: $500
Order Monica's birth certificate: $29.00
Order Tommy's birth certificate: $38.00
Order marriage license: $15.00

I600A application (reviewed by immigration, including our fingerprinting) $890
Passport $110 plus $25 processing fee: $135 X two = $270

Authentication fee from county clerk: $4.00
Authentication fee from State of TN: $4.00
Authentication fee from United States: $16.00
Assistant Stork fee to courier our dossier: $85.00
Money order fee: $15.00
Postage for mailing copies of paperwork to agency: $6.00
FedEx fee mailing from TN to WA: $52.38
FedEx fee mailing from WA to FL: $43.73

Travel visa's for Ethiopia: $70 each X 2 = $140
Money order fee: $5.00
FedEx fee for mailing to and from WA: $45.00

In country fee: $10,000.00

Flights for court trip (including hotel in Washington): $2000 per person X 2 = $4000
Guest House while in Ethiopia: $420
Food for trip/medicines/baby stuff: $350

Flight for pick up (including hotel in Washington and lap ticket for Sanai): $4200
Guest House while in Ethiopia: $60
Food for trip: $75