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Thursday, December 20, 2012

I haven't uploaded pictures in awhile - especially to facebook because I had to take the app off my phone so I had enough memory to take MORE pictures.  So here is some pics that sum up the past few weeks.

Doing her favorite thing...eating Puffs, watching cartoons

Looks like she's stealing that can of tomato sauce! ha ha

How can Granny's always get them to fall asleep in positions like this??

Being naughty, trying to turn off the lights.  (Paw Paw says she has a fruit salad on her head!)

Micah and Santa at his Christmas party.  He told him he DID NOT want an airplane

At the Christmas Parade...I swear Micah had a great time although you can't tell by his face

Front and center view, thanks to Ms. Dawn :)

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