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Thursday, April 18, 2013

This past weekend was cousin time.  Apparently CJ, my 10 yr old nephew, had been complaining that he didn't get to spend enough time with Sanai, Taraja, my 4 year old niece, complained she doesn't get to come over and Jerell, my 6 yr old nephew, complained he hadn't finished his "mission" to fight evil villians with Micah.  So they got to spend last Saturday at our house.  COUSIN SLEEPOVER! 

I think we did a good job at wearing them out.  I blew up the giant bounce house and they ran and jumped and played most of the early afternoon.  When Tommy got home he took them to the park and wore them out some more.

We headed home and grilled some hot dogs and hamburgers and then played outside until they couldn't see anymore.  We did assembly lines bathes and had everyone is bed by 9:15pm and all but one was completely knocked out by 9:45pm!

I'd say it was a fun successful weekend!

Picnic on the side deck with their snacks

He'll obviously sleep anywhere

Poor buddy fell asleep with one shoe off! ha ha

Dinner outside - less mess!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Micah had his first soccer game this past weekend, he's had two practices so far and has never played an organized sport before.  We were pretty excited to see how he would play!  Of course he did awesome, if you ask him why he'll say "Because I'm a Johnson"...thanks to his father. lol  He had a lot of fun too and that's what really mattered.  The weather was great, it was so warm we were almost hot. 

Let's hope for continued nice weater in April and more great games to come!