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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I've been meaning for some time now to post about what I've done with Micah, our 5 year old's room.  Our adoption has been completed now for well over a year and our son was great through the whole process of us traveling and being busy with paper work and fundraising.  And after she got home he was so helpful and loves on his little sister so much.  Of course she gets a lot of attention wherever we go so I felt like it was time to do something special for him and he's very into SUPER HEROES!  I really wanted to do a super hero themed bedroom for him and although I'm not really into theme rooms I thought it might encourage him to sleep in his room more also! 

I had seen on a room makeover how they had bought panels of the faux brick and attached them to the wall.  In the makeover they painted the panels once they were on the wall but it gave me the idea to do that in his room to make it look like the outside of a building - and who climbs on the outside of buildings but SPIDER MAN!

Again, everything in this room was mostly DIY which is how I did Sanai's room (you can check that out here

I was able to find wall decal on Amazon for the perfect spiderman! 

Goodwill lamp $5, spray painted red with a new shade.
I went to a local antique store and scored about 5 comic books and cut the pages in the shape of pendants and hung them on a string acrossed the room.

Everytime we head to Iowa we make a pit stop in Metropolis, IL and pick up a poster.  We have 4 now so I cut some left over wood from the head board and painted them black and mounted them behind the prints to make them more substantial.  Thiswas way cheaper than trying to custom frame them.

To cover the seam between the two pieces of faux brick paneling I found a piece of PVC pipe in the basement that I sprayed painted silver. I purchased the top piece from Lowe's and taped it to the top and attached it with metal striping.

I visited our local Habitat Restore and purchased 3 wood frame windows for $5 each! I painted them black and covered the back of the panes with white paper so you couldn't see through them.  I was also able to find this light, which I wanted to look like a street light, from the Habitat store and painted it red.

These letters used to hang above Micah's crib and were painted white. I cut out figures from old comic books and decoupaged them to the letters to go with the room.

Once the spiderman was attached to the wall, I screwed an eyelet hook to his hand and put three nails on the ceiling and strung fishing line in the eyelet to each nail several times to make it look like spiderman was shooting his web!

You can't tell with it being day time but before I attached the head board to the wall I taped white christmas lights behind it.  The head board sits several inches away from the wall to create a 3D effect and at night when I turn the lights on it looks like the city is lit up and is a great night light.