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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We had another great weekend at our friend's cabin in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.  I love going to their cabin because we are forced to relax!  There's no laundry or dishes calling my name and we can spend some good family time.  We napped, layed around and watched tv.  We packed a lunch Saturday afternoon and headed to a near by park for some fun.  We headed back home on Sunday and back to reality. 


Sunday, October 14, 2012

I wanted to do something fun with the kids this weekend and it seemed like the perfect weekend to head to Chattanooga to visit the Tennessee Aquarium.  I had heard it was awesome, and the rumors were true!   It was an easy drive and downtown Chattanooga reminds me of Louisville with all the cute little restaurants and the river front and bridges.

Petting the river otter skin

Inside the tube!

Posing with the fish

Being silly

The best pic of the day, by far :)

Learning about turtle shells

Posing by a giant black snake that Tommy wouldn't get near!


The birds slid up and down the branch

Petting the stingray and then squealing with delight!!

Walking acrossed the pedestrian bridge over the river



 We had a great time and I definitely recommend a visit if you haven't been there!  Both kids were sleeping by the time we pulled out of the parking garage so we decided to indulge in some Five Guys burgers in the peace and quiet in our car, ha ha.

Next up, I'm really hoping to get to the Nashville Zoo next.  We haven't been there since we moved here almost three years ago.

Oh...and Sanai turns 8 months today!!



Friday, October 5, 2012

I was always sort of worried about how Micah would transition since he's the "baby" of our family.  Let me say that he has done amazing!  He really does love his little sister (until she's mobile enough to take his toys).  Any time she starts to get irritated that no one is paying attention to her he runs to her side and plays with her or talks to her.

He's designated himself as the "diaper sniffer" and will let me know via sniffing her diaper that she needs a change.  This is an extraordinary job for a three year old boy who is obsessed with poop, farts and booty's.  Most of the time he's not right, but it makes him feel helpful.  If they are both in our bed together while I get ready for work he will try to snuggle with her and she just bangs him over the head with her hand.  It's very sweet to watch.

One thing I didnt' really think of was how he would understand how she came to our family.  Three year olds have limited understanding of things but before she came we told him that Sanai's real mommy couldn't take care of her and so we were going to be her new mommy and daddy and take care of her.  We also told him that she really wanted a big brother to watch over her, which he thought was sooo cool!

He knows that she is from Africa and when we went to the airport a few weeks ago he actually asked me if we were taking Sanai back to Africa since we were at the airport.  I told him no and asked him if he wanted to take her back to Africa and he said NO!!

Me and the kids went to a soccer game last week and when we walked by the ticket table an african american woman was taking money.  He marched up to her and asked her if she was Sanai's mommy!!  I was sort of embarassed because the lady was very confused.  After I reminded him that I was her mommy and hustled the stroller along, I realized that he was asking if she was Sanai's birth mom.  I asked him later if he understood that I was Sanai's mommy and he said yes but that Sanai's birth mommy wasn't white, she had to be black because Sanai is black.  He understands that mommy is "vanilla" and daddy is "brown".  If you ask him what color he is he will say "honey brown". 

Moral of the story is that we need to reinforce that we are Sanai's new mommy and daddy and that Sanai's birth mom lives in Africa, so that he doesn't ask every African American lady if she is Sanai's mommy! ha ha