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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Well, I have survived my first week back at work.  Mornings have been surprisingly easy.  I decided to get the kids clothes together for the whole week and stuff them in the little shoe hanger on the back of their door that way there's no guessing in the morning.  Tommy's been getting Micah dressed before he leaves which helps a lot.  I haven't been late or running behind one time yet (knock on wood).

Sanai and Micah now go to the same daycare, he is so excited!  I'm not so excited that daycare is now more than my mortgage...She's also acquired a yucky, runny, clogged nose this week.  She's been waking up quite a bit at night because she can't breath but it's all building up her immune system because Micah hardly ever gets sick anymore.

Breakfast time with Ms. Tammy and Ms. Donna

I took her shopping the other day and found this cute hat.  Of course she needed it for those cool evening football games.  I also couldn't pass up the super cute furry boots to keep her feet warm.  hee hee My sister in law was right, a little girl will make you go broke!

Other exciting news is that Sanai started saying "da da".  Of course I know it's easier to say than "ma ma" but I spent 5 weeks at home and got up every night with her and she has the nerve to say his name first!!  So inconsiderate! ha ha

She also started sitting up!!!  She has been progressing and growing so quickly I can't believe it.  On the plane when we brought her home she couldn't put any weight on her legs and she wouldn't even stand with her legs on my lap.  Now she will stand and jump and can roll acrossed a room!!  She has been sitting up for extended periods of time too.  Of course we still surround her with pillows but she's so happy to be sitting up, it's cute!

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