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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I've got two weeks left of my maternity leave, the time is truly flying by.  I have been enjoying every day with Sanai - she's so fun and is learning so many things.  And I seriously think she's the happiest little girl I've ever seen!

She really enjoys bath time and splashing in the water.  She has been eating like a champ as well.  This upcoming Thursday we are taking a trip to Iowa for a friends wedding, so it will be interesting to see how flying by myself with both the kids will be!

Playing on the couch

Cruising in her new Jeep
All clean after bath time
Playing with her farm toy

Munching on her toes at the park



  1. She is SO, SO cute! I can't tell you how adorable she is, but I bet you already know that:)

  2. AH! We're from Iowa!! Neato! haha have fun at the wedding!! Thanks for sharing your experience and pictures/videos!

  3. She is so cute. Love all the pictures.

  4. I grew up in Iowa, Kendra! In the Quad City area, where are you located??