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Sunday, January 22, 2012

To update everyone - my documents left Washington DC last week and made their way to my adoption agency in Florida.  A copy of my paperwork had already been sent so my originals are en route (if not already there!) to Ethiopia.

The next step is to just to wait.  The Director of the adoption agency told me that they haven't received a referral (a child that is available for adoption with picture) in awhile so it could be about 4 months until we get our referral.

So in the meantime I'll be finding things to keep me busy.  I've been working on a few craft projects but one of the things I'm most proud about is the collection of shoes I have gathered.  You may have read a few posts earlier that I was moved by a book called "Kisses from Katie" in regards to children in Africa and the consequences of their lack of shoes.

The daycare that our son goes to graciously offered to collect shoes and socks as their end of the year project.  I also informed my mom back in Iowa about what they were doing and she joined in.  I also visited our local goodwill and bought all the childrens shoes that were half price, making them about $1 per pair.

I lined them up tonight just to see how many we had collected and I counted 41 pairs!  I didn't count the socks but there was a small box full, plus a package of brand new socks someone had donated at the daycare.  I was so moved by everyones generousity and can't wait to take pictures when we deliver the shoes.  I had considered mailing the box but I think it will be considerably cheaper to take them with us as a carryon.  I imagine the box of shoes to ship would be several hundred dollars.

Here's some pictures of the shoes and socks we have gathered! 

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