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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm sure after reading this post you might think I'm crazy but the FedEx guy just left our office and my heart is beating a mile a minute!  It's been a good 9-10 months I've been working on our adoption documents.  I've had to order several reports, go around town to get certain things signed and notarized.  I've had to do several documents over because they weren't signed correctly, notarized wrong or someone used white out on their mistake and adoption documents can't have ANY WHITE OUTS!

Needless to say, here are all my documents (about 40 sheets of paper) bundled neatly inside this Fedex package.  These puppies are headed to Washington DC to get seals from the US Dept of State and the Ethiopian Embassy.

After all the seals are applied the courier will send my documents to my adoption agency.  Then the final documents will be mailed on to Ethiopia.  I sent 2 copies of these 40 pages to the adoption agency already and those are being sent to Ethiopia to begin the translation phase. 

As far as I know we are still #2 on the wait list and our adoption agency Director just got back from a recent trip to Ethiopia.  Also, the lady who did my homestudy, Kelly Stewart ( just passed court and is traveling to Ethiopia right now to pick up her sweet son, Judson!!

You can bet I made my FedEx guy well aware that he was holding my most prized possession in his hands.  When I handed them over to him he sort of chuckled and asked if I was ok with handing them over.  I'm glad to have them out of my hands and on to the next step...but you can also bet that I followed him out the door and watched him drive away.  (Not before I snapped this photo of his truck...just in case my docs get lost) HA HA

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  1. Hahaha! That's awesome!!! A lot of work went into those! I don't blame you for taking a pic!!!!