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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We had our fingerprinting appointment yesterday in Nashville at 8am - therefore, we had to get up EARLY!  Here's proof, it was still really dark (and yes, I was speeding!)

I was thankful that the fingerprinting place wasn't downtown because we were running a bit late and downtown can be a bit confusing to navigate if you aren't familiar with the one ways.  So we only arrive about 10 min late and thankfully it was no problem.  We were both in and out in no time.  No pictures were allowed inside and Tommy wouldn't pose in front of the door so here we go:

Then we headed downtown to get our State Seals on our paperwork.  Everything has to be verified at different levels and the person who verified it needs to be verified.  You follow?  lol  Needless to say we took a few wrong turns and went around a few blocks and were finally on the right path when look what we encountered:

A stalled city bus, right in our way.  Once again we had to go around the block to get to the other side, GRRR!

There she is, Snodgrass tower!

Sixth Floor notary I come!

A super nice lady named Jamie helped me out.  I thought she'd think I was weird to ask for her picture so I took a picture of her desk while she was off getting my seals. 

It felt AWESOME to get one more thing checked off our list.  I'm gearing up this week to now send these documents to Washington DC.  A courier service called Assistant Stork will receive our documents and walk them into the capital to get "verified" and then she'll walk them over to the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington to get them "verified" there as well.  Then all our documents will get sent to our adoption agency to be mailed off to Ethiopia.

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