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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I was just saying yesterday how I was suprised that we hadn't gotten anything back from immigration for when we went to Nashville and got fingerprinted.  I went home for lunch and it was in my mailbox!

So it's officially, official...we aren't criminals and are approved to adopt an orphan!  WHEW

I found out that it takes about a week for our paperwork to be translated into Amharic, which is the native language of Ethiopia.   Once our paperwork is translated it is matched up with the official documents with all the seals and it will sit in the adoption agencies office in Ethiopia until a child is available.

And now we just wait....and wait....and pray.  At first I thought to myself "I can't wait until a child becomes avaiable" which is the selfish side of me.  But then I thought of the sacrifice that a mother is going to have to make to better the life of her child by giving her up and I can't imagine the turmoil she must be feeling when faced with that reality.  So instead, I choose to pray for our daughter's biological mother - that if/when she is faced with the situation that she must selflessly give her child a better life that she finds some peace in knowing that her daughter will be SO loved.

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  1. Praying it's not a long wait....and for that sweet baby girl that you have yet to meet!