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Sunday, October 2, 2011

One down, one to go!

This past weekend I braved the cold weather to have a booth at the Autumn Street Fair in downtown McMinnville, TN. I didn't realize how chilly it would be and how windy. I almost lost my tent more than once to the breeze!

I had the lion pillows for sale along with tshirts, wreaths, coffee, baked goods, bows and oreo and cake pops.

Needless to say, next year I will know to pick a better location. There wasn't much traffic where I was which really hurt my sales. After the registration fee I only made $81 :( That didn't even cover the cost of materials I bought to make the wreaths.

It just so happened that a local newspaper reporter passed by my booth and started talking with my friend, Jesse, who was dressed in Ethiopian dress.  She started talking to him about African orphans and that we are trying to adopt.  So low and behold when I got the paper today there was a mention of our booth and what we are trying to do!  This is monumental considering this reporter over the last year has written a lot negative things about my husband in the paper because he is the local football coach. :)

I've got one more chance to sell the rest of my things at next weekends craft fair at Applefest, which is another craft fair in town at the local private school.  Let's hope for better luck next weekend and maybe some warmer weather! 

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