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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moving Right Along

Moving right along in search of good times and good news with good friends you can't loose, this could become a habit!  (Isn't that a Sesame Street song!) I spoke with our agency Director today and she told me that if we were able to submit our paperwork today that we would be #3 on the waiting list for a baby girl!

Unfortunately, we aren't ready to submit our paperwork quite yet.  We have doctor's appointments next Monday to get the appropriate forms filled out and then our initial home study appointment is on Thursday.  I imagine it will take a week or two (maybe three?) for her to finalize the report and when that happens we then have to submit a form called an I-600A along with $890.  This form is sent to the United States Citizens and Immigration Services in order to obtain permission to adopt internationally. Once we receive the form back we will be scheduled for a fingerprinting appointment in Nashville. (that's included in the fee paid).

Needless to say, we are moving right along!!

On a very sad note, our Director was telling me about a case in Washington that has absolutely broke my heart.  I can't imagine what was going through little Hana's head or her "parents" for that matter.  It makes me very sick to my stomach.  Please say a prayer for Hana, for she is now safe and in God's hands.

You can read the article here:

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