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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Every Thursday night the football team gets together at a local church for the pre-game meal.  This past Thursday a few of the parents asked Tommy and I both to attend because they had an announcement.  I was a little suprised to see the local paper there with a camera!

The announcement was that the football team has graciously decided to host a fundraiser for us...and get's "Mr. Football 2011" womanless beauty pagaent! HA HA

The event is being held on Friday, November 11th at 5pm at the Warren County High School in McMinnville, TN.  A dinner consisting of soups, salads and desserts will be a cost of $5 per person followed by a "talent show" at 7pm in the school auditorium.  Each boy is require to get a $25 sponsorship from someone in the community and each boy is required to also have a talent which can be individual or group.  Each boy will decorate a bucket and whichever boy raises the most money will be crowned "Mr. Football 2011" with their very own crown!

The booster club is helping with the event and will be getting $100 sponsors from local businesses to help with the cost of food and other expenses.  All the money raised will go towards our adoption!

How lucky are we that we have such a great community to support us!!  Tommy and I were actually on the radio this week talking about adoption as a topic for a segment.  It was great to be able to inform some people in the community about a topic that a lot of people don't know a lot about.

I PROMISE this is going to be an amazingly fun event and I can't wait to share pictures after the event! :)

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