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Monday, May 9, 2011

Brownie Bonanza!!

If anyone wonders what I do on the weekends (which I'm sure they don't! lol) here is proof of my exciting times.  I'm not exactly sure what I put in these brownies but the kids in Tommy's class LOVE THEM.  I've heard that some kids buy them 3-5 at a time and if they come in and there aren't any brownies, they will walk out! 

I had taken a week off from baking because I was studying for my property and casualty exam, which thankfully I passed, and boy did I hear about it.  Every day there were kids complaining about no brownies!  We had gone to the carnival in town one night to take Micah on some rides and there were 3-4 kids that yelled out "Coach Johnson, what's up with the brownies!"  I took the hint, but geesh!!

We had a busy weekend but I was able to push out 90 brownies which were wrapped and boxed up for sale for him this morning.  We will see if there are any left after today, which I'm hoping there will be.  On a good day he has sold about 60 brownies at 75 cents a piece.  Last week was a fairly slow week but we went through about 200 brownies for the week.  I have a feeling this week is going to be a lot more.

**UPDATE** he sold 86 brownies.

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