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Friday, May 20, 2011

Cards and Coffee at The Red Berry

 Bethany Crouch at the Red Berry Salon in town is AWESOME!  She owns a really cute salon where I get my hair cut and she generously offered to have a table in her salon to sell my homemade cards and Ethiopian coffee by the cup.  I started making cards awhile ago, before we got married actually, so I have all the stuff to make them.  I just had to dig it out and thought that might be a little something I could sell along with the coffee to raise even more money.

So far, the reaction has been great!  I should've known to make a  lot of graduation cards but I only made 4-5 and dropped them off this past Tuesday - today they were gone! 

 Unfortunately, good ole' McMinnville doesn't have a place where I can buy any scrapbook or card stock (that I know of anyways) and Hobby Lobby is closed on Sunday's when we head to Murfreesboro for church so it looks like I'll be making a trip this Saturday!

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