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Monday, May 30, 2011

Working the Concession Stand

Our good friend, Coach Cotten, who coaches the middle school football team, came to us a few weeks ago with an opportunity to sell concessions at the middle school scrimmage this past Friday.  What a great opportunity!  We had a lot of candy left over from Tommy's classroom to sell so I bought some drinks and pizza's and recruited 2 additional helpers and got to work!  There wasn't as many people there as a normal game but we still did ok and I got 3 additional t-shirt orders which is always a great thing!  Thanks Coach Cotten, Miss Dawn and Miss Hobbs for all your help! :)

The middle school boys getting ready for their scrimmage

My two helpers, Miss Dawn and Miss Hobbs

We had quite a bit of stuff, even some donated drinks!

A lot of the candy we had left over - plus the chocolate that we put in the cooler

Micah ate 3 pieces of pizza!  (I didn't make him pay :)  )

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