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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Great Toy Purge

A few weekends ago I finally decided that our toy situation was getting out of control.  We don't even really buy toys.  We get hand-me-down toys, toys from Goodwill, toys for birthday and christmas, etc.  I decided I had had enough!  I piled all the toys in the whole house (including 3 bins full of toys from the basement, two toy bins from upstairs, 2 toys bins from the living room and 1 football filled with toys from Micah's bedroom) into the living room and let them play for about an hour with everything.

They definitely had a blast playing with stuff they hadn't even seen in probably a year!  After play time I explained to Micah that there were kids who didn't have any toys, kids without parents to buy them toys and kids with parents who couldn't afford toys and that we should donate some of his toys to these kids.  He understood as much as a 4 year old could and I will admit that after a few minutes of putting toys in the "give away" bin he started to get upset.  I reassured him that he could keep two full bins of toys and that he could pick whatever he wanted for those two bins.

The bin of toys he kept

The toys we are giving away!

We left two small bins of toys for Sanai in her room.  We always seem to migrate in there because the rug is so soft and comfy! ha ha

Although there are tons of great organizations, Goodwill is the only thing I know of in our town.  I really would've liked to "spread the wealth" to other organizations but I didn't want to keep the stuff in my garage until we made our next trip to Murfreesboro.  So Micah and I took the toys to Goodwill and he helped me unload them, all the while talking about how these toys are for kids that don't have toys.  He get's it!! 

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