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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Celebrating 5 years!

We had an amazing anniversary weekend!  Tommy already had a coaches clinic scheduled in Pigeon Forge but it was one that wives were invited to which was neat.  So many of the speakers made me realize, once again, what an awesome man I married!

We weren't able to leave until around 7pm on Friday night because we had to take the kids to my brother in law and sister in laws house.  But we were pretty excited to get the weekend started.

If you've never been to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg it's a neat area.  It has lots of neat stuff to do. 

Titanic Museum

Wonder Works upside down building

Saturday morning we had a few sessions of the clinic and then we headed to do some shopping.  It felt pretty strange to not have either kid to worry about.  Sanai has figured out how to undo the velcro on her shoes so daycare asked us to buy her some tying shoes.  This normally wouldnt be a problem accept that her feet are only a size 2!  It's pretty difficult to find a cute shoe that doesn't have velcro and doesn't have a soft bottom.  We finally just bought her a pair of pink chucks.  SO CUTE!

We had a lot of fun going into the stores and being goofy. 

Gettin ready for our rap video

We bought a couple things and then headed back to the hotel where we got cleaned up and headed to dinner and a movie.

I tried a million times to get a good picture of him clicking his heels in the hallway but I could never get it.  We laughed so hard. 

Although we were so sad to be leaving, we were excited to see our kiddos.  Tommy was also super excited about stealing all this bacon from the hotel breakfast buffet.  ha ha

Looking forward to many more years with my best friend!!

smooshed noses :)

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