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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Seriously, we just passed the $20,000 mark!!  I feel like it's the Price is Right and all these lights and buzzers just went off! :)

In other adoption news...there is no news.  The time period right now is the dreaded "while you wait" time that I read about in the beginning.  It is a bit less stressful than having to gather all the paperwork, but none the less, we've been trying to keep busy.

The adoption process doesn't just stop once the paperwork is submitted, a few months ago we received a box from the adoption agency and now that we are waiting it's time to work on our continued education.  And they don't joke around about this.

We received books, magazines, children's books, articles and a coloring book.  The books are about the transition, about biracial families, attachment to your child and even how to do african american hair.  (Thank goodness I have my sister-in-laws!)

We have to read several chapters from several articles and books and answer questions.  The completed worksheets have to be submitted to the adoption agency just like a normal document needed.

We've already learned so much, but they will be a great resource to access once she comes home too!

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