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Monday, September 26, 2011

Fundraiser Spotlight

An extremely pleasant suprise that I have experienced is that there is a HUGE adoption community out there. People who understand your frustrations and what we are going through in this process. They are willing to listen and actually understand what you mean when you talk about home study's, state clearances and all the paperwork!

I have met several "virtual friends" who I have emailed with or talked with over the phone and Amy is one of those great people. She features families on her blog every Monday to spotlight their fundraising efforts and today is our day!!

Filled With Praise


  1. Hello! Just saw your blog on Filled With Praise :) LOVE the lion pillow! Such a creative idea!

    I was looking at your fundraising page... could you tell me a little about the candy fundraiser your husband did? My hubby teaches middle school. I'm wondering if this would be good for us, too... We are in need of ideas for fundraising! Also, curious about what your bracelets said on them.

    Thanks :)

  2. Thanks Jenna!! Email me at I've got a lot of ideas to share :)