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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunday was a GREAT day!

This past Sunday was a great day!  We were invited to Christ Family Church by our friend Chris and Mary Jane Paz.  Some of their congregation had requested we do a coffee bar and sell Ethiopian coffee, so we gladly said yes.

Lucky for us, our coffee website "Just Love Coffee" is located in Murfreesboro which is only a 45 minute drive for me so I went up there to purchase a variety of African coffees to sell.  The store front for this company was really neat!  It is a great place to hang out on their couches, but also had a loft full of arcade games.  But the really neat part was that you could see where they kept the burlap bags of coffee beans and the roasting machine.  It smelled great in there!

Just Love Coffee Headquarters

Not only did we sell coffee by the cup and bags of coffee at church on Sunday but I also sold my homemade cards and some earrings that I had made!  I'll have to post some pics of my cards when I get time, they are very cute and only $2 each :)  The earrings are cute too and are $5 each. 

My favorite pair!

All the pairs I made

Bags of coffee

The roasting machine

Grinding my beans
Needless to say we met a lot of great, supportive people, heard a great message and made $200 towards our adoption!  God is good!!

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