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Sunday, June 19, 2011

HOLY YARD SALE!!!  We had an adoption benefit yard sale this past weekend and it was a LOT of work but a great success.  We made almost $1400!! I almost had anxiety (but probably more excitement) on how much stuff I had at my house.  My garage was full and my basement was pretty full.  The donations came  pouring in and the best part is most of it was priced already because it was stuff from other yard sales! That saved me so much time.

The best part of all is that my mom and dad were able to come down mid last week and help me.  Honestly, my mom did a lot of work on Thursday sorting through things.  People were stopping on Thursday while she was organizing things and she ended up making about $240 that day! lol
Thank you so much to everyone who helped whether they donated stuff, brought tables and wracks or volunteered their time to stop by and help us out.  We wouldn't have been able to raise as much money as we did without you!! :)

The sign I made for our front porch!

My little helpers, Caylie and Wesley

Their crazy Mom, Carrie :)

Coach Cotten (McMinnville's Most Eligible Bachelor!!) striking a pose


  1. Congrats my dear! Even closer to your goal! I love the pictures & captions...especially that last one! Hahaha!