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Wednesday, November 7, 2012 gets in the way of my blogging!!

If you didn't know, November is National Adoption Month!!  Whether it be domestic or foreign adoption or foster care, we are all called to care for the fatherless.  I hope you will take some time this Holiday season to go out of your way to do something for a child in need whether it be in your own town or half way acrossed the world.  I plan to write another post about giving with a purpose, but that will be another day :)

On Sunday, November 3rd it was "Orphan Sunday".  Orphan Sunday was designed to get your church involved in discussions about adoption and caring for the fatherless.  I was a little behind the ball and didn't have a chance to discuss this with our Pastor but it was neat to hear about other families who had big discussions with their whole church about their experiences with adoption and how they answered questions from people who might be considering adoption or foster care.  So as a way to celebrate Orphan Sunday we decided to meet friends of ours in Nashville to see their sweet boy Eli Thomas who came home about a month after Sanai did.

When we went to Ethiopia to meet Sanai in July our friends, Ashley and Dwayne, had already been there to meet Eli and took some photos of Sanai for us.  We made sure we gave Eli some love while we were there.  We haven't had a chance to see him since he came home in September so we were super excited to meet him!!

They weren't real sure about each other, there was a lot of looking and grabbing. ha ha  Look at Eli's bottom lip, soooo cute!!

I couldn't believe how much bigger Eli was than Sanai...and he's a month younger than her!  I didn't realize how petite our little girl was until I held Eli. ha ha

I'm so glad that we have met another family who has gone through this journey with us.  Another family to bounce ideas off of and share our concerns and obstacles as we move forward.  We haven't started planning their wedding yet but we both wouldn't mind little Ethiopian grand babies running around in the future :)

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