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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I got the email this morning that I've been waiting for for almost 3 months now and that is that we are being submitted to court tomorrow.  I literally felt like the clouds had parted and that the angels were singing "HALLELUJAH!!!!"  ha ha

You truly don't know what patience is until you adopt.  At least when I was pregnant I knew in 9 months that he would be here.  I could plan, put things on a timeline and not have to guess.  I'm a planner and I hate not being organized.  It's tough when there are no answers - it's the nature of adoption.  I was trying to explain to my husband that the Ethiopian court system doesn't care when his training camp starts and that he'll just have to figure it out.  He actually thinks he should have a say when we have court - silly boy....We got our shots last week and need to go back for more but for the most part we will be ok with what we have and will just need to finish out the Hepatitis series when they come due. 

Each case is different so it's really hard to say but I am hoping that in about two weeks we will have a court date and that it will be about 3 weeks or so from that day.  Meaning, we will hopefully be traveling in 5-6 weeks.  STAY TUNED...

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