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Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Supporters

When I think about how we've sold 389 t-shirts it's REALLY hard to believe.  When I think about how we've raised almost $10,000 in just 4 short months it's even harder to believe!!  I received a few more pictures that I thought I would post too.

I've got a few events coming up that I'm super excited about.  My sister-in-law, Jessica, is having a jewelry party at my mom's house so I've invited all my Iowa friends to the party.  Even though I'm not able to go, I'm hoping a lot of people show up because Jess has offered to donate half the proceeds from the show to our adoption.

I was also contacted by a lady here in town who has recently moved and has a shed full of really great stuff to sell.  She told me that I can have a yard sale there and keep all the money that I'm able to raise.  The great part is that everything is inside so I don't have to worry about rain, I can go price things and organize things indoors.  And we aren't talking about small things, we're talking about a blowflex, exercise equipment, furniture, tv's, etc!!  She has already sold a couch for $100 and said she'd just give me the money for it since the sold couch is still in the shed. LOL

And just so everyone knows, I'll be doing the HAPPY DANCE when we hit $10,000!!!!  Don't worry, I'm sure it will be fully documented.  ha ha

Our friend Adam

This might be the best pic ever!  Thanks Carol :)

My Mom's co-worker, Connie

My Dad and Mom!!!!

Mom and her co-workers at the post office in Iowa

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