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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July, huh?!

This summer is flying by, how is it already July?!

Our nephews have been staying with us the past several weeks off and on so we've taken full advantage of the football field just down the street from our house.  We head down there with their bikes and let them ride and run around. (secretly hoping they will wear themselves out!)  Tommy is of course in heaven surrounded by all these kids.

I love Saturday's because Sanai is usually up before anyone else and it gives us some quiet time to snuggle.  This morning I had just taken her hair out the night before so I couldn't stop laughing at her hair and the funny faces she was making while I was taking her picture. ha ha
We always seem to migrate onto our front porch in the afternoons to watch the cars go by and enjoy the breeze.  I caught a rare moment of snuggles between these two.  Micah would cuddle with her all day, but she wants no part of that most of the time.  She was probably just too tired to fight him off, but they were watching Curious George :)
And for all those who are cringing at her hair...I know, I know.  She wasn't feeling well so I didn't mess with her hair that day.  But never fear, I got it back in tip top shape the next day.  Her hair is getting really long.  And she's doing a lot better at letting me actually do her hair.  Although it's still like World War 3 when I wash it on Sundays.

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