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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The past few weeks have been busy, busy.  Tommy ended spring practice last week with a really good scrimmage against Watertown.  This week is their last week of school so he's pretty excited to get his summer started.

Sanai is EVERYWHERE now and has mastered walking. Almost!  She's such a water bug and loves taking showers.  If either one of us is in the shower she will push the door open and charge towards the shower curtain.  It's much easier to wash her this way because she gets so crazy in the tub so this is often how we bathe her.  She loves it!


On Saturday mornings I often walk about a mile or so to the farmers market downtown.  Usually Sanai is up so we pack a sippy cup and some cheerios and she's ready for a ride.  She likes to ride in comfort with her feet up on the tray.  Silly girl!
We've been utilizing a toy that she got for Christmas a lot lately.  She's recently discovered how much she loves watching PBS Kids on our phone but she also likes to press the button at the bottom and then will hand it back to me to turn it on. GRR  So if you put the phone in this case they can't hit the button and can watch the show.  GENIOUS.

This past weekend we got some barrels and are getting them ready to catch the rain from the roof on the other side of the house.  I think this will help in keeping water out of our basement and will help with constantly filling the swimming pool in the summer and watering my garden and flowers.  Micah's job was to rinse out the barrels because we bought them from a local car wash and they were full of soap.

More pics of our rain barrel system to come.  Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!


  1. So sweet pics of the kids. I LOVE the pic of Sanai at the TOP of the shower curtain. Eva is like that with her Daddy. She likes to shower with him, but take baths with me. Aren't they super silly and wonderful? :-)

  2. They are Shannon! I'm trying to cherish every moment.