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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Growing up at home I could always expect a rose on Valentine's Day from my Dad.  I would usually always find it in my car, it was the sweetest thing!  But this Valentine's Day I got my morning email from him saying "Happy Valentine's Day"  and my response was "Where's my rose! ha ha" 

I continued about my day and headed home around 1pm to get the car loaded up for a coaches clinic Tommy had planned in Gatlinburg with several other coaches.  We attend every year and it's a blast!  So when Tommy came to pick me up I opened the passenger door and there was a rose on my seat!

My immediate reaction was, "Thanks babe!!"  He proceeded to tell me it wasn't from him...but from my Dad.  So it's official...I have the most awesome Dad in the world.  It made me smile :)

Then Tommy told me that he thought the rose tradition was so neat he decided he would start the tradition with his own daughter.  So as we went to pick up the kids, he gave Sanai a rose too!  She proceeded to try to eat it...but still, it was incredibly cute and I can't wait for her to cherish this memory from her Dad too.


  1. okay, I cried. haha- it's may or may not be that time...but still, this is awesome. I love that your dad went out of the way to do that. I think dads sometimes have a hard time in knowing what they can still do for their married daughters as to not overstep the husband/leave and cleave boundaries somehow while still showing love- so sweet!

  2. How sweet! Way to go Dad! And way to go Hubby! Keep the tradition going :-)