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Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm super excited to announce that our case was submitted to the embassy in Ethiopia today!!  This simply means that everything seems to be staying on track and that all of our paperwork has been sent to the embassy for review.  If I understand correctly, they are reviewing the facts of our case and making sure that she is fit to travel.  I'm not sure how much notice we will get that we have our embassy appointment, but our lawyer in Ethiopia will attend the appointment where they will tell him that in two days they will issue her passport and she can officially come home!!

Please pray for our daughter's well being while we are seperated, for the nannies who are so lovingly taking care of her and for the person reviewing our case.

Also, if you could please pray for our other friends that were there with us while we attended court and that there cases are submitted and pass quickly as well.

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