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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nursery Design!!

I told myself I wouldn't jump the gun and I would wait until we got our referral to actually start designing her room but I can't help it!

I have narrowed down two designs that are drastically different and one is completely out of something I would think I would like but I can't help but really love it!

I think it's something about the red crib that I LOVE!  It's such a different style.  I won't be having a tufted yellow leather couch in the room but my neighbor actually gave me a beautiful tall antique dresser that I would paint the same yellow.
I found a very similiar rug in Nashville that would work great for the room also.  Either that, or a chevron rug like the blue and white pattern in the design board.
I got some paint chips from Sherwin Williams for the wall color, the yellow for the dresser and the red for the crib.


Design #2
This is MUCH more my style, some what modern and so fun and vibrant!  I feel like she could really grow into this style which is a reason this appeals to me.  I would plan to paint her crib yellow and then when she's ready for a twin bed I already have the perfect twin bed frame very similiar to the picture that I got for a whoopin' $4 at a thrift store!  The other side of the room you don't see includes a tall dresser that is painted black and a wall that is painted with pink diamonds and yellow framed mirrors. (


  1. I love the 2nd one...but the first one is pretty, too! I guess I'm no help at all.

  2. They are both pretty great, but I like the idea that she can grow into design #2. It's bright and fun for a baby, but can easily turn into a room for 'big girl' room.

  3. I like the 2nd one better! :-)

  4. The overall conscensus has been design number 2! A few more weeks and I'll probably dive right in. Check back for updates, I'll try to document as I go :)