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Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas this year will be much different at our house. 

The holiday season is always full of giving and this year I'd like to encourage people to give with a purpose.  There are so many websites and opportunities to purchase a gift that will benefit someone else besides the gift receiver.

Please consider visiting some of these websites for your gift purchasing this year.  not only is there some great products out there but it just makes sense to help out others as well.

Visit where there are many different products listed from artwork, apparell, jewelry and much more.  When these products are purchased you can choose a family to donate half of the proceeds to!  (We are listed under Ethiopia but of course you can choose any family that you might want to help!)

Coffee Lover in the family??  Visit to purchase a wide variety of very delicious coffee.  There are a number of blends available - my favorite is the African Skies blend.  For every bag of coffee purchased, $5 will go towards our adoption.

Visit to purchase very cute, unique jewelry.  This family that sells the jewelry not only is adopting themselves but helps out other families adopting.  The family that runs the site picks a partnering family each month and 50% of the proceeds for their month is sent to that adopting family.

They've got these adorable rings, hair pins, earrings, necklaces and duffel bags!!

Search for the word "adoption" and you can find a lot of products for sale with proceeds going towards adopting families.

Gray/orange Kenya bead bracelet

Visit and purchase a pair of these cool shoes!  For every shoe purchased they donate one pair of shoes to someone in need.  They have some pretty neat videos on youtube where they have documented shoe drops all over the world.

Visit to learn about ways you can help the wonderful people in Uganda.  If you have a person who you really don't know what to get them for the holidays considering sponsoring a child in their name.  You can also donate formula and many other things in their name.

Check out our adoption agencies "shop" page.  There are several cute items that are for sale that benefit their humanitarian programs.

Visit my "for sale" tab on my main blog page to check out wreaths, lion pillows, earrings, bows and tshirt scarves I have for sale.  I plan to start an etsy shop but I just haven't had time quite yet!

If you know of any other websites that help support please leave a comment and I will add it.

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